SPM – Technical solutions for every situation

The sophisticated SPM HD® measuring technique is integrated in the Intellinova family of high-end online systems. Online measurement ensures the earliest possible detection of developing machine damage.

Condition monitoring expertise

SPM Instrument is a total solutions provider, offering a complete line of measuring techniques and high performance products for condition monitoring of industrial machinery. Bearing measurement and lubrication analysis or advanced vibration analysis - we got it all covered.

In addition to advanced measuring techniques, the extensive SPM product line covers everything from transducers, transmitters and cabling to portable instruments and online monitoring systems controlled by our own power-packed software platform, Condmaster®.

The SPM Academy provides standardized courses and customized training for all levels of staff involved in condition monitoring.

Operational excellence is at hand

SPM HD is the unique solution to the problems involving condition measurement on machinery running at low speeds. It sets a new standard for modern condition monitoring and can be used successfully on all types of machinery.

Almost every industry has low speed bearing applications which, until now, have been impossible to monitor – from wind turbines to conveyors in manufacturing and mining. Applicable to a wider range of machinery, SPM HD is an opportunity to truly maximize the promise of condition monitoring in all fields of industry.

SPM HD takes condition monitoring one step further. The ultimate reliability tool has now arrived.